Ripley, Ms

Ripley, Ms

Welcome to Spring Hill Hunting Club

Welcome to Spring Hill Hunting Club

Welcome to Spring Hill Hunting Club

Welcome to Spring Hill Hunting Club

Welcome to Spring Hill Hunting Club

Welcome to Spring Hill Hunting Club

Welcome to Spring Hill Hunting Club

Welcome to Spring Hill Hunting Club

About Us

2600 Plus Acres

Harwoods, Pines, Cutover, Pastures, Big Hills, Spring creeks, and food plots galore.


2 Bunkhouses, 2 Full bathrooms, Full kitchen, RV Electrical hook ups, cleaning station, 25 plus box stands for all members to use.

Family Membership

Immediate family membership included in price ( wife, son, daughter etc. )

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Family Friendly Hunting Club

Spring Hill Hunting Club

23960 Hwy 2 Ripley, Mississippi, United States


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By Laws 2016-2017 Season


  1. Club officers are as follows: Noel Haynes and Pete Matheson.
  2. We reserve the right to deny membership, revoke  membership or title of officer to anyone that the officers and President do not fully agree on, or does not follow the by-laws by means of a vote      by the officers only ( unless an      officer breaks the bylaws, then the President Noel Haynes will make the      decision solely). Any individual or group that that makes any attempt to      take over Spring Hill Hunting Club, that person or group will instantly forfeit their membership      and dues. This decision is up to the President Noel Haynes and no one      else. Any member or officer that has their membership revoked due to      uncooperative attitude or due to not following the by-laws will      forfeit his or her membership dues, no matter what time of      year.
  3. In the event of a tie vote of the officers of Spring      Hill Hunting Club on subject matters covered or not covered under these      by-laws, the President Noel Haynes will make the final decisions.
  4. One paid membership is to be deemed as one      primary member and secondary members being a spouse or son or daughter 18      years old or younger. Unless the child or children are Full Time Students or Full Time Military, then they are still considered      as a secondary member up to 21 years of age. Deer harvested by a secondary      members or guests will be a part of the paid memberships yearly limit.
  5. Hunting Dues for 2016-2017 season: A $200.00      non-refundable deposit is required by Friday April 1st 2016 to      hold your spot for the 2016-2017 season. The remainder of the dues must be      paid by Saturday May 21st. No exceptions.      If the deposit and the final remainder of the dues are not paid by these      dates your membership will be offered to someone else on a first come      first served basis as approved by the President. The total dues for deer      only is $950 for established members and      $1,025.00 for first year members. Deer and turkey membership  ( offered to 12 members only, existing      turkey members first then by seniority ) is $1,100.00 and first year      members is $1,175.00. Turkey only with no camper is $400.00 and there will      only be 5 of those spots.
  6. We will NOT be doing the fundraiser this year. I just      raised the dues up $75.00 since most everyone was buying the tickets      themselves anyways and I did not raise the dues last year when our leases      went up.
  7. If a membership is sold or transferred to a first time      member a $75.00 transfer or first time      member fee will be owed to the club as if they are buying a new      membership.
  8. There will be 2 types of fines or penalties. The first      will be monetary penalties and the second will be hunting time forfeited      penalties ( 7 day periods Mon-Sun      ). The next Monday after an offense happens is when the penalty will      start. So, the next week no hunting will be your penalty. If this      occurs on the weekend the 7 days will start on the following Monday. If it      occurs during the week or during an extended stay it will begin the Monday      following your stay.
  9. Safety is the most important role as a member      or guest of Spring Hill Hunting Club.      Please bring to the attention of any members or guests that might be      involved in unsafe acts or unsafe behavior. If that does not fix the issue      then please bring it to the attention of the officers.
  10. All members must help with the work of food      plots, road repairs, boundary markings, making or maintenance of gates and      anything else the officers deem upgrade of the clubs property or wildlife      to maintain a good relationship with the timber company or property      owners.
  11.  All      primary deer members are required to work at least 2 of the 3 days as scheduled by the officers.      If not a hunting time penalty of one 7 day period ( drawn from the hat )      will be charged for the day missed and a $75.00 fine. If you work weekends, please inform the officers      and we can work something out to fit your schedule.
  12. Only ATV and foot traffic will be welcome on the hunting grounds after      the deer or turkey-hunting seasons starts.
  13.  ATV’s must remain on the established trails or      fire lanes unless retrieving a harvested animal, placing a heavy deer      stand, or an emergency. No new      trails may be made without the consent of the President or officers.      Example: no scouting by riding your ATV into an area just so you do not      have to walk. No JOY riding ATV’s around the camp site.
  14. No ATV’s beyond the “Foot Traffic Only Signs” unless      special health circumstances (approved by the President only) or unless      placing a deer stand and or retrieving a deer. 
  15. No person, member or guest shall be allowed to hunt if      under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  16.  Alcohol will be permitted but must be used in      safe volumes and must be concealed in a plain cup or can huggy if in the      presence of minors or members and guests that might be offended. 
  17.  No Dogs of any kind are allowed to run deer,      rabbits, coons, squirrels, quail or other wildlife during deer seasons.      Quail dogs, retriever type dogs, rabbit dogs and coon dogs will be      allowed after deer seasons with the Presidents consent.
  18.  Dogs will not be harmed by any      means on our property. Dog running is common around our clubs land and      they will eventually cross our lands but no one is to harm any dogs and if      we can we need to try to let other clubs know if we have found any of      their dogs.

19. We must get along with and respect other      adjoining clubs and property owners adjacent to our club lands. This will      help prevent destruction, theft and poaching on our club lands just for      spite. This could possibly give us other opportunities to lease some other      lands other than we have already.( It has. )   

 20.Harassment of wildlife will not be      tolerated. Examples: Spotlighting, chasing or scaring.

      No baiting or feeding of any kind will be allowed after Sept 10th      2016. i.e. corn, protein feeds, grains or potatoes or as per state      regulations. SEE State rules and Regulations. Except      the club will have dedicated spots near strategic locations near some box      stands in geographic areas across all of the properties. These baiting      stations will be kept legal as per state rules and will be marked with      orange flagging warning you to not hunt within 100 yards of the bait      stations. These will be used to keep the deer on our lands that may      be being pulled onto surrounding lands because of their baiting habits.      This along with planted food plots should help hold more deer on our      lands.

21.Secondary members 14 years of age or younger must hunt      in the same area with the primary members. No one under the age of 12 may      hunt by themselves. One membership may not take up more than 2 areas at      one time or no more than 2 box stands at a time. Unless there are not many      hunters expected in camp. Ask an officer for a ruling. 

22. No guests the first gun season. Youth guests will be allowed      youth season but they must follow the guest harvest restrictions. 

23. Guests will be required to pay a $10.00 a day      guest fee and a $15.00 harvest fee if a deer is taken.

24.  Guests are your responsibility if they break a      rule you will be fined and or penalized.

25.  All guests must sign a waiver before they step      foot onto any hunting property.

26.  One paid Membership will be on a limited bag      limit. All local, state and federal rules, regulations and bag limits will      also apply. You will be allowed 3 buck deer and 3 does per paid      membership. Your paid membership will be allowed 1 state legal buck (      subject to state rules ) during the first archery season only and 1 extra      doe during the first archery season or the 1 week youth only season. All      other bucks taken the first archery season must meet 2 of the 3      requirements or better unless taken on state legal land areas 19-24. If a      primary member or a secondary member has never harvested a buck deer      before, please let the officers know ASAP so we can allow you to harvest a      state legal buck or greater in seasons other than the first archery season.

27.  For clarification: Your paid membership gets 3 bucks and 3 does plus you      get 1 additional doe during the 1st archery season or the 1      week youth only season, so 7 deer maximum.

28.  Buck Requirements on Trophy Managed Lands: 2 of 3 of three requirements must be met.      Requirements are 1. 14” wide inside spread 2. 16” main beams 3. At      least 4oints on one side

    29.  Guests may only harvest bucks that meet 2 of the 3 requirements on Trophy Managed Lands

30.  Only primary members or secondary      members deemed to have never harvested a trophy buck deer before can harvest a buck below      Trophy requirements on Trophy Managed Lands with the exception of by law # 27 ( the first archery      season ) but must be within state regulations. This must be approved      by the Club President.

31. Any Doe’s harvested must be mature animals ( 65      # or better in weight ) to prevent the killing of young bucks without      antlers. There will be a $75.00 penalty for any deer harvested below 65      #’s and a hunting time penalty.

32. According to the      state laws youth may harvest any deer without spots. Our camp rules will      be, if a youth has not harvested a buck before they can harvest anything      65 # or larger, with any horns or no horns. If a secondary member 18 years old or younger has harvested an 8      point buck, trophy buck ( determined by the club President ) or larger      before on our club lands they are on the same buck requirements as the      primary member on Trophy Lands. 

33.  Youth hunting is described as the youth holding,      controlling and shooting the gun as per our rules. There will not be an      adult holding the gun and letting the youth pull the trigger. That is not      what youth hunting is about.

34.  Any illegal bucks, example: button bucks (with visible antlers above the      natural hairline as per state regulations), or club illegally harvested      bucks will be a $75.00 penalty and      a hunting time penalty for the first offense in the 2016 – 2017      season and if there is a second      offense in the same 2016-2017 season, membership to the Spring Hill      Hunting Club your membership will be revoked and your membership dues will      be forfeited. Multiple offenses in no certain amount of years, can be      subject to revocation of membership and forfeit membership dues by vote of      the officers.

35.  Any severely disfigured      racked buck or severely wounded deer is      encouraged to be taken. Severely wounded means open wound that would mean loss of limb or life. This will      however be considered as one of your harvested deer (counted as a buck or      doe, whichever you deem) and will count towards your yearly limit of deer.      This will not take away from one of your buck deer unless you deem it to      do so.

36.  Any fines, dues or penalties that are owed the      club must be paid in full before you can hunt the next time you come down.

37.  No nails or screws will be allowed into trees.      Screw in steps will be allowed. Box type stands cannot block a right of      way, fire lane or road at any time.

38. There will be no new box type stands, tower      stands etc that are not portable in nature placed or moved on the hunting      property after Friday Sept 23rd 2016. This will help hold down      un-necessary traffic during hunting season.

39.  Hunting areas will be      drawn from the hat for opening weekend of gun season. Once the full      membership is paid. Swapping will be permitted. Secondary members must hunt the same      stand area with the primary member on these deemed dates.

40.  Youth hunts are recognized but youth must hunt in the stand area that the      primary member drew for opening day of season. This will keep it      fair for all members to have an even chance at being the first to hunt a      spot for the year with a firearm. SEE      BYLAW # 52

41.  To keep traffic down in your opening weekend      drawn area. From the dates of November 4th 2016 thru November      18th 2016 you may only scout or hunt in the area you have drawn for      opening weekend. Unless another      Member gives you permission to go in their area.

42.  Every paid membership will be responsible for placing or providing one useable deer stand      for the area that they draw for the opening day. They must be      marked with blue paint and marked on the sign in board map with a blue pin      as to the location. We will also want you to mark a trail in blue engineer      tape from the trail to the stand. These stands will be considered club use      stands and they will need to remain in the same spot for the year within      reason. You will still own the stand though.

43.  You must sign in all deer, weigh, and measure, take      a photo and pull jawbones of all deer.

44.  If you plan on hunting a particular area      multiple days in the same weekend and any member would like to hunt the      same areas, for fairness the times the areas can be used should be divided      between the parties. But, common courtesy is expected and no arguments. One person has as much right to an area      as another. Within reason. Except for the Nov 4th thru Nov      18th. By law #42.

45. Walking around excessively is not recommended and especially      if you do not know the area and possibly could mess up someone else’s      hunt.  

 46. All scouting must be done between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm after bow season starts but, no      scouting in areas that other hunters are signed in on or will be hunting      on that day. No scouting during youth week.

47.  You must sign in and out of the hunting camp and      hunting property as well and place your tack in the area you are hunting      in. You can, sign for an area for the whole day, first come first serve.

48.  You must check the sign in sheets and try to not      have to ride right by a stand that someone is already in before daylight      or before sunset. If      you are running late into an area please select an area to hunt that will      not disturb someone else’s hunt, especially if you need to come out early.

49. We will NOT be recognizing the state’s      first Primitive Weapon Season with a firearm but you can use a crossbow as      state law allows and it is antlerless only.

50. We will NOT be recognizing the      2 week youth season this season. Youth week will be Saturday 12th      – Friday Nov 18th and will be in your drawn designated areas on      refer to By law# 42.

51. New youth squirrel hunt will be      as per state rules for the first 2 days only on youth squirrel season      approximate dates Sep 17th & Sep 18th ONLY. Youth Guests are allowed      and encouraged to attend. 22      calibers or 20 gauge shotguns or smaller only to keep the gun noise down. Subject to state dates release.

52. Members that spend a      lot of extra time at the camp during the summer or spend most of the deer      season at camp may be asked to chip in some extra money towards the      electricity bills. Please if you turn on a heater or air      conditioner, make sure to turn it off when not needed or before you leave      the camp. We spend a small fortune on electricity bills.

53.  This club was designed with the future of our      hunting in mind. We have the chance to have a quality deer herd, let’s      please take advantage of this opportunity so we can enjoy it for years to      come.

54. NO DOGS INSIDE of the Main Camp area ( the common area      around the fire pit, grills, picnic tables, covered porches etc. If your      cabin or trailer is in the main common area of camp your dogs will need to      be chained up on the back side of your building. When possible clean up      after your dogs.

55. Have Fun!!